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Circle of Unity Conference moved to August 21st-23rd

Hello Everyone, the COU Committee met today and based on the best interest of you and the conference, have decided to move the Conference to August 21st-23rd. Any rooms reserved will automatically transfer, and if you have paid for the banquet, it will transfer to August or you can ask for a refund. Please email circleofunity164@gmail.comif you would like a refund. I have also attached the new flyer for you to print and send to everyone you know. Last, I want everyone to go to the new website which is live now, at and check it out. You can also sign up by putting in your email and you will get real time updates, changes, etc. I am still diligently working on it as this is a rough 1st pass but it gives us so much more. Here are the features and things coming:

· Real Time Updates

· Ability to add colorful events, pictures, etc.

· A mobile version, so you can now access it on your mobile phone or tablet

· You will be able to register and pay for the conference, banquet, ice cream social.

· You will be able to register for your hotel from the site.

So check it out, sign up with your email, and please send me feedback so we can make this better and grow our conference. Thanks Scott

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